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Re: Is this guy a scam, er what???

I hadn't thought about bands invading karaoke space (though I had thought about DJs and trivia games). I'm sure the witch hunt could come to Canada, and will if the hunt is profitable in the US. That said, the market here is pretty slim pickings as our population (of the whole country) is less than California's. I am told that Calgary is the karoake capital of the nation with the most karaoke bars per capita. And most bars here use disks instead of HDs. I have also noticed that none of the bars I have tried out have any recent Sound Choice disks. I'm sure part of this is due to Sound Choice not offering new disk until recently, but they KJ companies look to have switched to other labels. They bought Star Disk instead of other brands when they were available, and are now buying Quick Hitz and other brands. Most of them are aware of the SC witch hunt, but SC appears to have gone out of favor even before the hunt started.