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Re: Is this a scam, er what???

That's what I've been told by others is a website host, newspapers, TV stations, etc can't be held liable unless they are knowingly advertising illegal products or services.

Since there is no way of knowing if any of the shows listed are legal or not, I don't see where he'd have any problems. I don't want his site to go away because I use it to keep up with where all the shows are and watch for new ones starting up ( it's at )

So, should my friend get a lawyer and see if this Bill Stanley character will provide his contact info so the lawyer can set him straight?

What I find really odd is my friend says he has tried numerous times to get this guy's contact info, and the name of who he is working for and this guy refuses to give this out.

If he is working for KAPPA, why doesn't he say so?

Or, is he an independant contractor who gets a cut of any fines he can get levied against someone?