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Is this guy a scam, er what???

A friend of mine won't research to see if this is a scam, so I told him I would cause this is very smelly!

He runs a site that lists all the karaoke shows in his area and some guy named "Bill Stanely" emailed from saying he was looking for some guy in the area selling hard drives full of karaoke music and wanted help finding this guy (my friend has never heard of this guy or anyone selling illegal karaoke music).

Then, he says they may try to hold him responsible for listing shows are are using pirated music because he is allowing illegal activity to be advertised on his website!

My question is, how does this make his website illegal when there's no way of knowing if the music kjs are using is legit or not?

Doesn't this sound like some guy just trying to use legal scare tactics to convince my friend to help him find illegal shows and those that deal in that type of thing?