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Re: Keyrite Upgrade Installation Problem

I ran Keyrite again today. When it started up it displayed a message that an update to v2.23 was available. (I'm still running v2.22.)

I shut off my firewall and downloaded the file. The file size was 1,812 Kb and version 2.23.01.

I moved the .exe update file to my Keyrite program folder, closed Keyrite, and ran the update.

A message displayed saying that the update might not have been successful, and offered the option of running it again with the recommended settings. I selected that option.

When the hourglass cursor disappeared I ran Keyrite again. It was still v2.22.

I rebooted and ran Keyrite again. Still v2.22.

I rebooted and ran the update again, then ran Keyrite again. Still v2.22.

I've also noticed that every time I download the update, it comes in as a different file size, so far ranging anywhere from 61 Kb to 1812 Kb.

Any suggestions?

I'm operating in Windows 7.

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