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Monster Cable...Met It's Match

Not sure if anyone has followed the ongoing ridiculous "Intellectual Property" lawsuit Monster cable threatened to bring against Blue Jean Cables or not. But it does make interesting reading. I think those rip off artist Monster cable got spanked real good by Mr Danke. Those crooks didn't realize that Mr Danke, owner and CEO of Blue Jean Cables was also a litigation attorney in his younger years, and a very good one at that.

I build my own cables using Canare Quad, and Mogami Star Quad bulk cable, terminated with Switchcraft, and Neutrik connectors. Also 12 gauge canare speaker cable with speakon connectors. I personally would put an over price inferior monster cable on any piece of my gear. I can't for the life of me, after looking closely at both products see where those crooks at Monster Cable could think for a minute Blue Jeans was copying their product?? I'm sure Blue jeans would prefer to keep as much distance from a Monster product as possible, i know i would.

They {moster cable} sure talk a great cable, and charge for a great cable, but show no stats. All advertising hipe to get you to buy what i consider an inferior so so product. I can build a cable as good or better then a monster cable. Makes for interesting reading though...oh the folks at Blue Jean Cable haven't heard a peep out of monster cable. An "audiophile" cable, monster isn't. I think the big bad monster finally met his match.
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