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zilda August 4th, 2020 02:26 AM

script error
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hy got hoster running after removing and reinstall but now got script error please see attached photo
hope some one can help

Roy Dennis August 4th, 2020 04:38 AM

Re: script error
The error message seems to be referring to an error with your marquee. It states the path and MarqueeDisplaySm.htm.

Are you able to open the Marquee settings ? if so do you have any boxes ticked? If so try unticking them all then press Apply see if Hoster Opens OK after that.

If it does, re open the Marquee and check the individual Tick boxes 1 at a time pressing apply each time.

There may be an instruction there that is no longer available since you made changes in other areas of Hoster.

zilda August 4th, 2020 08:33 AM

Re: script error
thanks roy for a swift reply
i have checked and all boxes are not ticked, ticked them all and applies unticked them all and applied still comes up with error. if i close error notification but click on tools icon on top of hoster main window it comes back on.

this has started i believe when microsoft implemented latest update and forced microsoft edge onto my laptop which ran perfectly befor with google chrome.

zilda August 4th, 2020 12:53 PM

Re: script error
hya roy

i am very sorry to have messed you about,
you pointed me in the right direction and i looked at my pc cleaner ad it had quarantined the file causing the script error, removed latest version and reinstalled it all now works a treat
i now no what the wife means about being over 65 and not all there
many thanks in all the help you give to a brilliant piece of software

Roy Dennis August 4th, 2020 01:18 PM

Re: script error
No problem, glad to hear all is well again.
Now problem is fixed will close this thread.

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