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mrdickens April 11th, 2001 05:09 PM

Dear Sir:
I am an amateur musician who has used the demo of dnoise to enhance archived tapes. It is sophisticated and really a miracle. I have used a handful of other noise-reduction plug-ins and they are all lame in comparison.

Because your software is really so powerful, I am concerned that a lot of people in that industry would have difficulty mastering it, but I have enjoyed it, the little experience with dnoise I've had.

I have done your survey, and wish you a lot of success.


Sully December 20th, 2001 12:44 PM

Recently used real-time version of DNoise for first time. Client had video of doctor being interviewed in lab full of freezers... oddly enough, wanted to hear doctor rather than freezers! Piece of cake - DNoise payed for itself in the first session. What a tool!

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