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jdefino July 11th, 2004 08:52 PM

"Place Lyric Screen" Malfunction
1. I inserted the lyrics.... and edited.
2. I added the music (.wav)
3. completed the "title page"
4. Completed the "Credits page"
5. I clicked "Place Lyric Screen"
6. I tapped the space bar to a satisfactory application..
7. previewed the product.

The Title page scrolls across the screen as the music starts...
but takes too long. The lyrics load SLOWLY, as the "vocals" begin.
highlighting way too slow.

I switch to the Adjustment page... click start..
the lyrics highlight correctly and smoth until the middle of the second line then begin to slow.
and just freeze by the third line.. as the lyrics move forward to the next page?

None of the adjusting buttons seem to have any effect?

I have the MicroStudio Suite. Updated to the current versions.
I have a 1.50Ghz 512 Windows XP (Professional) with a Plextor CD-Rom.

I've already made two earlier CDG's (before my last upgrade). And everything worked great?

Any Ideas?

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