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arminroesch January 8th, 2014 11:25 AM

Hi all, has somebody experience how to setup a VMware Player that it runs MicroEditor?
Here I have a PC with win7. I build a VMware Player that emulates a XP pro system. Runs fine and I can use older xp stuff.
Now I did setup this virtual xp pro with MicroEditor as it was in my real xp pc.
Krystalboard is installed and win7 shows it on a PCI slot and as under xp pro with a yellow questionmark.
I have now the problem that the VMwarePlayer does not "see" the Krystalboard so it can be provided to the guest (the xp pro pc). The VMware Player shows me other soundcards which are installed and could be given to the xp pc. Has somebody a idea how the VMware Player should be setup that Krystalboard can be used by the xp pc. Would be nice to use by that way the MicorEditor.
MicroEditor starts but is missing the Krystalboard..
Thanks for some ideas.

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