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RIKKI TIKKI February 14th, 2020 12:48 PM

Resolution Glitches On Larger 4k Monitors
I have been running 6.01.05 and just lately at 2 of my 4 gigs I\'m having problems with the addition of larger big screen monitors ( 65\" 4k UHD ) when using the Marquee and Countdown feature when playing a singers request... I\'ve downgraded the resolution to increase or fill the screen, and once the song starts, the marquee will stop scrolling, and the counter for remaining time will also stop... if I turn off the marquee and the clock it works better, but the Send also has to be shut down for it to playback normally, and not glitch when I add songs during playback, or moving singers around in the playlist... I\'ve upgraded my monitor splitters and switches to 4k compatible units, but to no avail thus far...
So I thought I would see if any of you are having similar problems?

Roy Dennis February 14th, 2020 07:21 PM

Re: Resolution Glitches On Larger 4k Monitors
Just been reading about lag problems when extending to 4k TVs. This link:

This is referring to mouse cursor lag but Iím wondering if the marquee and send are also affected by the lag problem.

It seems these type of TVs have two types of HDMI inputs 60 MHz & 30 MHz, the later connection causing the lag.

RIKKI TIKKI February 21st, 2020 12:54 PM

Re: Resolution Glitches On Larger 4k Monitors
I have also been reading up on 30mhz vs 60mhz HDMI settings and different connection and resolution problems in the latest UHD 4k TV Monitors... But so far nothing that solves this problem... I will keep trying, throwing 4k compatible hardware devices at the HDMI connections, and see if anything works... thanks

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