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Ron Vermillion August 1st, 2006 08:53 AM

Anyone use a pitch correction device ?

Any of you singers out there use a pitch correction device such as the TC Helicon VoiceLive ? I watched the demo video's and it looks as if you have to set the device for each song relative to the Key of the Song and the scale in which you are going to sing.

I'm fascinated by the harmony capability of this thing, but am thinking that if you had one of these you could send your customer (singers) voice through it and make them sound like a million bucks. You might just be the KJ favorite of every singer around and they would come to your show because they know that they are going to sound great. They might or might not know WhY they sound great, just that at your show they do.

As a solo performer, it would seem that this is (1) just one more gizmo to deal with and mess up with and (2) once you got good at it, you could sound really great as a lounge lizard.

Any experience with this device or anything like it ?


MikeP August 1st, 2006 03:51 PM

Had a quick look at the website. Sounds interesting:c The biggest problem I find is that there are so many different ways/devices that will all do basically the same thing - with varying degrees of difficulty/effect/cost etc.
Every manufacturer will claim that there's is the latest and greatest and so you have to go through a process of extensive research to try and ascertain whether the thing works - is practical - and VERY important - what limitations does it have??? They never tell you that:r
The one you are looking at looks like its been designed to do everything you want and is much more practical than some of the other devices I am aware of that are much more suited to a studio environment.
It will be interesting to see what/if feedback you get to your question. Have you raised it in other performer-related forums/newsgroups? How did you come upon this one? Any chance you could try it out somewhere??

mindonstrike August 1st, 2006 10:47 PM this is a link to a thread about this 6 months ago.
I thought gduns started a thread on this subject about a year ago but I can't seem to find that one.


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