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CerealKiller August 25th, 2006 11:11 AM

Admin. please help
Ok, I could not find another way to contact anyone to ask theses questions, unless its I Need to download mediaclog songs into hoster currently version 3.301. You had suggested microstudio. I tried the demo and had problems with my burner Plextor DVDR px-716a. All my equipment was purchased from mtu, the Ideq mini pc system.
I just want to get my entire library onto my computer I do not need to burn extra copies of discs. will microstudio read a mediclog disc and be able to import it onto my pc? or will i have to by a cdg burner "I don't need copies of disc" just to put mediaclog disc onto my pc ?

ddouglass August 25th, 2006 11:21 AM

FYI, you should have posted this in the Hoster Help forum.

The suggestion you were referring to was for Multi-Session CDGs which you would import via MicroStudio and burn to a CD that could then be imported into Hoster.

Unfortunately, currently there is still no way to import the Media-Cloq secured Sound Choice CDGs. You can contact Sound Choice for a non-secured copy of the same disc. Their numbers are on their web site.

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