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Ernie March 12th, 2019 06:26 PM

Question on Songs.mdb
I keep a shortcut of Songs.mdb on my desktop. If I question whether I have the same song by the same singer, I then open it up and check. I just installed 40 new songs. I went to Tools, Hoster Data Folder, View Files, Songs.mdb, and the songs were not there. Does anyone know why? I have Hoster 601.02 and Windows 10 Pro.


Roy Dennis March 13th, 2019 08:07 AM

Re: Question on Songs.mdb
No idea, Do they appear in the Hoster search and edit dialogs ?

Are you opening the songs.mdb while Hoster is running ?
If so try again when Hoster is closed.

Also make sure you do not have it open when adding songs or editing as that could prevent Hoster writing to it.

You say:
If I question whether I have the same song by the same singer, I then open it up and check.”

Why don’t you just do that via Hoster search or edit. Also if you have a song in the playlist you can right click on it and select “Find same Title”

I’m a bit weary of opening the songs.mdb direct myself, I usually make a copy of it first then just open the copy that way I can’t accidently damage it.

gd123 March 20th, 2019 03:10 AM

Re: Question on Songs.mdb
Suffice to say that I have seen this problem on my 32Bit Win7.

I import songs, open the Songs.mdb with Access, Alpha sort the TimeStamp column in order to find the latest imports, copy the data I need, paste it to a WORD document, manipulate the data, and copy the date to my Personal DB. All because I do not use the Hoster Songs.mdb when making my songbooks.

So, in doing so, on OCCASION, upon opening the Songs.mdb and sorting, the newly imported songs were NOT THERE.

I cannot remember what I did first, but, I think I opened Hoster as ADMINISTRATOR and that caused problems with opening the Songs.mdb with Access. Then I opened Access as Administrator and, upon opening the Songs.mdb, ALL the songs were there. But, because Access was running as an Administrator, all other MDBs would not open.

So, I put everything back as it was and both programs were hosed. I re-booted and all was back to normal with the newly imported songs showing in access.

You got me on what happened.

This has happened TWICE that I can remember, as I open the Songs.mdb quite OFTEN.

But, it was ONLY ONCE that I dealt with opening the programs as an Administrator.

Also, I DO NOT install Hoster in its DEFAULT Folder of PROGRAM FILES\\etc. So, whatever happened could NOT have been because of how the OS protects that MAIN Folder.

I install in a Folder: C:\\MTU Hoster

Just in the last week, I have re-worked this 32-bit into a 64-bit system but I have not yet imported any new songs to see how it is going to work.

Hope this sheds some light on the subject.

Supplemental for ROY:
No, the newly imported songs DID NOT show up on a SEARCH, as Hoster gets its info from the Songs.mdb, which, as stated, were NOT showing in the Songs.mdb.

However, when everything got \"straightened\" out, a SEARCH found the songs, and, of course, the Songs were in the Songs.mdb.

Again, your guess would be as good as mine.

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