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November 27th, 2001, 08:39 PM
---As posted over in the New Features Request category, I have tested MicroEditor again to be sure that the total length of a project still has an upper limit (as it did in earlier software versions), at least when working with time code. I have verified that this is, indeed, the case.

This means, as I have stated earlier, that, when working with time coded projects, one needs to set a start time not significantly ahead of the time code for first audio, and that the overall project length, regardless of time code address or the amount of material in the project, needs to be limited. My memory of Dave's definition of the overall limit is 3 hours, but someone at MTU will have to verify this. I don't have time to create 20 different projects to test this length

My single test went as follows:

-I defined a project start time of 00:45:00:00.0

-I recorded about 30 seconds of audio into the project by SMPTE trigger starting at 23:09:50:00.0....Thus creating a project that should have been a little over 23 hours long. (This was a "real world" test that would have been required if I were going to reconform this particular audio inside the same project, as I am now doing routinely on the MX2424).


1.The audio segment resulting from this recording placed itself at the beginning of the project, not at the trigger point.

2.Repeated attempts to make the start time of the segment equal the SMPTE trigger time resulted in an "Illegal SMPTE Address" error message that defined how a legal SMPTE address should be written. This was, of course, not an illegal SMPTE address (Though I'm now realizing that my project start time, because I was in drop frame, was illegal....I will have to re-perform the test to make sure that this was not a factor...If it was, I will re-post. If not, I won't).

....Following this, I created another project with a start time maybe an hour and a half ahed of the trigger (which was probably an illegal address also, but I'll have to recheck). In this case, the resultant segment was placed correctly.

I'll quickly go check these start times now.

Jim Smith
Muddy Hole Studios, LLC

November 27th, 2001, 09:10 PM
----Just went out and checked the start times of the various projects listed above. I had forgotten about this, but Microeditor always adds 2 frames as a safeguard (even when the address is already legal) to start time addresses ending in :00 when working in dropframe....This should mean that the start time legality issue was irrelevant to the test above.