View Full Version : KHP2.008 is nothing like v1.115

August 3rd, 2001, 09:50 AM
Even using KHP2.008 in default mode it blitzes every karaoke software programme I have ever tried into the ground including v1.115(and v1.115 was good ) There is just no comparison though. It is a totally new and exiting experience for anyone wanting to produce their own CDG creation's. I realise there have been problems and I was one of the lucky ones that was able to get v2.008 running if only in "default" mode" (I thought it was either me or the computer that was the problem untill Brian Corr put me right. THANK YOU BRI) However as I said even in deault the result's I achieved were (I thought ) BRILLIANT. If MTU had called the default "the upgrade" I, and I think most of you ( MTU ustomer's) would be more than happy!!

As far as I can see the nearest karaoke software producer to MTU is DartPro (and as far as I am concerned they are in another galaxy in proximity to MTU when it comes to a usable product)

They ask $200 for there software. MTU's v1.115 cost $150 with no charge for the "upgrade" to v2.008.
If MTU had charged $200 for v1.115 to match DartPro's price, then added a further $50 on top for the "upgrade" you would'nt complain believe me!! (or at least you should'nt, Have a look at DartPro and prove me wrong!!!)

Dave Bryan Doug And CO[B]


But As a businessman in the Club & Entertainment Industry myself for 20 years+ I sincerely hope that you ( MTU ) as individuals, or as a Company, have not commited "commercial suicide" in your attempt's to please



August 3rd, 2001, 02:03 PM
I second Yorkie's comments. But until they get the code fixed so I can better use the program I'll stick with the original version. the last time I ran the new version I got an illegal procedure error when I tried to save the cdg to disc. can't wait untill the fixed version is out cause I wanna set the borders and the background to the same color to mak it look better. Maybe I'll go back and reinstall the update cause I'm in love with how the title screen comes out. looks alot like what ALL HITS used on 8015 on. Majorly works for me.

August 5th, 2001, 11:00 PM
After seeing the results with the "broken 2.008" upgrade I have decided not to go back to the old 1.115 version. 2.008 version kicks the old version. There is just no comparison between the two.

1.115 in my own honest opinion was leagues better than The other company's product in being easy to use and looking as good as a home karaoke producer could have looked... before the upgrade to KHP 2.

I will purchase only MTU products for my system and am considering microstudio as well and dumping cdrwin in favor of microstudio.

Of course I need a new hard drive to impliment all my changes so that will come first.