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October 17th, 2005, 02:57 PM
I was having a problem with errors in my write command due to an ASPI error.:?
I could not make any back up discs. I spoke to Brian today, and he helped me by sending me a web site for Plextor to upgrade my 708UF. He also helped me to download the new 2.612 Micro Studio. It seems the problem, from what he figure out to be, was in the Plextor. But never the less, he updated all the programs to do with the ASPI Driver. He was extremely patient, and very understanding of my problem. I finally did a test disc with 10 songs. It copied without any problem. :t MTU should be very happy to have someone like Brian working for them. I know that I am. Thank you again Brian! You are a life saver!:r Here is the message i got on the write error, incase any one else ever gets it. Thanks again, Candi & Doug

Error (Write) Command Found On Device 2.0.0
Unexpected ASPI Error Code (04h 00h 00h)

Enjoy MicroStudio everyone! As far as i am conserned MTU is the best:g .