View Full Version : Why your audio CD might not sound good

November 17th, 2000, 10:50 AM
Find out where the noises are coming from. Extract the music to your hard drive and listen to it (Microstudio does this). If the wave file sounds bad, the problem is in the extraction process. Try these points:
1. Clean your source CD
2. Reduce your CDR reading speed
3. Try another CDROM/CDR to extract the tracks.

If the wave file on the hard drive sound good, Try this:
1. Extract to your hard drive first, then record from there
2. Write with disc-at-once recording instead of track-at-once
3. Use http://www.lightlink.com/tjweber/StripWav/StripWav.html to "adjust" your files to the canonical format for WAV files.

If all else fails, it could be that the laser in your writer is misaligned or damaged.