View Full Version : Making Waves is BEST with Microstudio!

April 2nd, 2005, 01:09 PM
When I think of putting a CDG file onto my computer, I think of Microstudio.

I have other programs that rip or extract wave files. What I have come to realize is that when Microstudio extracts wave files, it is better than anything I have! :)

I have been trying to rescue some scratched up audio cd's. A program that I thought was the best I had still left a residual tink tink tink sound at one point of creating "clean" wave files.

I gave Microstudio a try. I extracted a WAV file from an Audio CD and found they were clean and didn't have the tink tink tink distortions.

There are limitions with naming files, but for clean wave extraction, Microstudio is the best that I have! :g