View Full Version : Happy!

April 17th, 2001, 11:39 PM
Haven't had the burner (Plextor 12-10-32) or Microstudio long, but found the instructions to be fairly easy to follow and the products to work as advertised. Just finished burning back-ups of all 133 CD+Gs in my collection on Memorex Black CDRs (couldn't easily get Mitsui). Wasted only 1 disc, and that was because I was experimenting with running another program simultaneously. It worked, too, for about 5 discs before exiting out of the program tripped up Microstudio and coasterized my disc! All the discs play without a hitch in my cheapo Karaoke player. Only problem I have is an occasional crash of the program (and also the computer)when trying to play a song. Helps to restart the program if I've copied a disc before attempting to play. Sometimes takes several retries/mouseclicks to successfully play. Overall...GREAT JOB!!! Thanks.