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March 29th, 2001, 11:21 PM
Great product for the money = value. Around these parts i'm the go to guy for backing up cd+g,cdda,and (mpeg.avi disks(added bonus)). works very well with iomaga zip cdrw at 12x10x32. 20 tracks in 10 min from start to finish 75 mins of duplicated quality.

Online help forum was all i needed to make this preform as hoped for.

Would like to see resizeable play screen or search disk or hard drive from play screen.

Thanks Again,ZAG

March 31st, 2001, 11:03 AM
Watch for the release of Microstudio V2.2.1.X in the next week or two. There are a number of new features, including creating a Project in the Play screen from songs on the hard drive (you can load songs from a CD/CDG also).

As to the resizable screen, this is not a trivial problem. We use to have this before going to our current full screen version. The resizable screen injects MAJOR design requirements that makes it nearly impossible to work correctly on a wide range of computers/video cards/hard drives, etc. We do have this in Karaoke Pro, but we provide the computer. We are considering this in a future upgrade, but I make NO commitments at this time. :g