View Full Version : ASPI buffer too large- Win ME

Rich LePage
January 26th, 2004, 09:07 AM
Using WinME, Medit 54 and any recent version of MicroCD,
I'm getting "ASPI buffer too large" messages.

Usually MicroCD will make at least one CD just fine
and then exhibit this message when attempting to burn
another CD either from same image file as first one or
another image file.

Rebooting the machine will generally solve this, but
then it will happen again (warm reboot works OK)

I checked the ASPI drivers per the note on the board,
and tried this both with ver 4.60 as well as with 4.71.

I also upgraded the ME with all the latest patches from
Win Update and it still happens.

Any idea how I can prevent it? I'm running MicroCD with
a Yamaha SCSI 8x recorder and a Tekram DC390
SCSI controller on this machine.

Thx as always for the help.