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February 22nd, 2003, 08:18 PM
I think this software is TERRIBLE!
I just can't use it, the sound is so bad...I own a Dell 4100, P3 933mhz, 512 megs Ram & a Audigy Sound Card.
I recommend the use of the Pitch that comes with the Audigy even know it goes mono.
I know Keyrite is cheap BUT it's not a reason, if you can't do it at this price well go up in price or please don't sell it!

I do like Microstudio 2.4, I really believe you can do better, a $200,00 DVD with a Key change makes a better job.

Just dissapointed with Keyrite But still think you guy's are the best for cdg Karaoke.


February 22nd, 2003, 11:20 PM
We respect your position. However, you are ignoring the fact that most users play their songs in a noisy environment, and... many no longer have the good hearing they once had (and you clearly still have :w ). Thus, we have designed the tradeoffs in Karaoke to match 99%+ of our users needs. You can read some testimonials from users (http://www.mtu.com/testimonials/key-change-pitch.htm) who are very pleased with Keyrite... and its price!

Microstudio allows you to import your CDG Karake songs from your discs, then use Keyrite to change the music. You can then assemble the key changed CDG files back into Microstudio and write a new CDG Karaoke disc to take to shows with you and sing in the best key for your voice! And best of all, since you here the key change while adjusting it in Keyrite, you don't need to understand anything about keys and pitch to get exactly what you want! :c

Keyrite is designed for anyone to be able to use, not just professional audio engineers. However, we are now committed to provide an enhanced product, and we will try to do it without sacrificing ease of use very much. There will be more controls, so some folks will not be able to figure them out. Click here (http://forum.mtu.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1597&perpage=15&pagenumber=2) (scroll down and read the two Admin posts) for a deeper discusson on the tradeoffs that MTU made and what we are now proposing for our next upgrade. :c

And... thanks for the kind words in your closing. We try very hard to do the best possible. With friends like you prodding us, we will continue to provide the best that is possible in all digital CDG Karaoke technology. :)